Systems Management and Security

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Αν θέλετε να έχετε πλήρη εποπτεία για όλα τα μηχανήματα του δικτύου σας (servers, workstations, routers, printers κλπ), τότε χρειάζεστε μια λύση Systems Management


Systems Management

The easiest way to manage, monitor and maintain all of your company's devices, whether they are in the office or in a remote location. It frees up your IT t...
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Avast Patch Management

Patch Management adds an important layer to your endpoint security foundation – improving overall protection and easing your workload.
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I.S.T. - Information Systems Technology

Κλείστε τις τρύπες ασφαλείας στο δίκτυο σας